Best summer vacation ideas for span time with child

Best summer vacation ideas for span time with child

5 Best summer vacation ideas for span time with child

1.plan a family hiking getway

summer is the time when you can head outdoors and enjoy a little bit of sum. a scenic stroll is a great way your kids can get their energy out and explore the good old mother nature. it's the perfect opportunity for teaching them about plants, flowers and various species of birds. Drive a few kms towards mumbai and you will find a number of beautiful sports that also make for amazing, shaded picnic areas. the entire trip works as a learning experience.start with basics by teaching your kids how to pack their summer essentials for a vacation. if you want to avoid the sun, you can always plan a night trail. lastly, don't forget frisbees volleyballs and other pieces of equipment to keep your family entertained after the food has been relished.

2.organise a reading session at a library

reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. make a weekly visit to a library with your children. libraries give your children access to books on various subjects and provide an environment that instills the love for reading and literature. let them select their favourite book and spend some quality time reading it. most of these libraries regularly organise cultural events and they all are free free. once your kids are comfortble with the idea of visiting the library regularly, you can also consider being a member at one.

3. let your kids assist you in the kitchen

children who learn to cook from a young age develop a healthy relationship with food. they are likely to eat better and avoid junk, because they become aware of the harmful effects of unhealthy food. they are less likely to develop eating disorder, overeat or avoid essential foods. when equipped with good health and confidence, children develop a balanced social life you can start with some thing simple and delicious.Teaching your kid how to make ice-creams is a fun activity. look up for a simple recipe of vanilla ice-cream on the web and teach your kids the step-by-step procedure of making it. lastly, let your little chefs relish their own handmade sweet treat.

4.plan a movies marathon

the great thing about summer is getting to relax. you don't always have to run around town or come up with crazy ways to keep the kids entertained. plan a pyjama day this summer. it will help the kids unwind before the crazy school schedule begins. let them spend the day at home in their pyjamas watching meaningful movies, taking naps, and educational cartoons and shows for them to watch. if they are mature enough they can pick their own set of fun films, an other great idea is to encourage them to watch some of the best comedy movies as a way to keep them closer to gujarati literature and cinema. moreover the comedy genre never fails to lift spirits!

5.Master the art of gardening

luckily a lot of people are blessed with row houses and bungalows with private gardens that give them umpteen opportunities for creative and fun activities. this summer grow a little a garden with your kids and teach them about growth, fertilisation, nurturing, and all about plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables. keep a progress journal and jot down anything interesting. the best part about this activity is that you can do it, when you wish to and without stepping outside the confines of your home. what's more? everyone can enjoy the bounty of your and your kids efforts!


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