World Most Expensive Pani Puri In India || 4 GOLGAPPAS FOR RS. 750?

costly pani puri

world most expensive pani puri in india

what is pani puri?

Panipuri is a common street snack in a couple of zones of the Indian subcontinent.

It involves a round, void puri, fricasseed new and stacked with a mix of prepared water, tamarind chutney, bean stew, chaat masala, potato, onion or chickpeas.

Panipuri has diverse names, dependent upon the Madhya Pradesh call fulki, in Uttar Pradesh call golgappa, in West Bengal, Bangladesh and Nepal, phuchka; in parts of Odisha Gupchup, in parts of Gujarat, call pakodi; in parts of Bihar, South Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh, gup chup.

Puchka changes from panipuri to the extent substance and taste.

Pani puri, golgappe, pani ke batashe, fulki or puchka, whatever you call it, a prominent tendency goads your resources the moment you think of it as and your mouth starts watering with the minor thought of putting one into your mouth! Starting at now started needing for a firm golgappa?

Everything considered, this watery nibble is unnecessarily tasty and there can scarcely be any person who isn't allured by its eminent taste! To be sure, it won't not be on the right track to express that it's the most supported and slightest costly snack in India, as you can without quite a bit of a stretch welcome a plate in Rs. 15 or 20. In any case, stop! What's this?


Some person please press me! Is it a dream or am I in 2080 or something like that? In what limit can those exemplary and fragile aata and sooji golgappas cost a fortune? In fact, they will pick a hole in your pocket and you may cry while having them! You know why..

"Well" starting late shared a video in which a man is getting a charge out of 4 golgappas at such a huge cost in Pullman New Delhi Aerocity and in case you too wish to have a lifetime achievement, you can scramble toward the place to enjoy the wonderful pani puri.

world most expensive pani puri

For sure, if you are getting amped up for the caviar box that was given the pani puri, hold your horses, as it's fundamentally fake! Clearly, an impressive part of us can't manage the cost of this pani puri anyway you can hear the man in the video calling it "paisa vasool" and "flavorsome". This is the principle way most of us can imagine its taste! Mumble!

In case you examine the menu of the hotel, the cost of pani puri is Rs. 600 and the total pushes toward getting to be Rs. 708 in the wake of including 18% GST. The man in the video almost certainly examined a normal cost.


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